Calling all animal fans!

By Devanne DiBacco

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We all love cuddly puppies and disgustingly adorable kittens but we can’t always have them. Maybe your landlord charges a pet fee you can’t afford, or your room mate is afraid of dogs. Or maybe your boyfriend is allergic to everything under the sun so goldfish are pretty much your only option.

Regardless of the situation, if you’re an animal lover and have been  subjected to any of these tortures (or a number of others) volunteering at a local animal shelter is the perfect way to get your fluffy puppy fix!

Who, what, where, why:

The Animal Friends No-Kill Animal Sanctuary, located on Brewer Road in Morgantown offers great volunteer opportunities for animal lovers of all kinds. This shelter is no-kill, which means they will keep an animal until a home can be found, or transfer it to another no-kill shelter where it can find a forever home. As stated on their site, the shelter only accepts animals from hospice, American Red Cross, RDVIC, local shelters and nursing homes. They do not accept from the public for any reason.
The shelter does not receive any federal funding and is completely volunteer and donation driven.


“Animal Friends of North Central West Virginia (AFNCWV) is committed to ending the mistreatment and killing of all animals by promoting public awareness.”

Get Involved:

As a volunteer your responsibilities would include:

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– General pet care: grooming, walking, socialization, cage cleaning, training.
– Working in Lucky’s Attic, the shelter’s thrift shop located in the Mountaineer Mall

– Fund-raising
– Foster care, if applicable.
– Rescue and vehicle transport driving, vehicle provided.
– Newsletter and grant writing.
– Committee service (Finance, Publicity, etc.)
– Skilled landscaping, if relevant to your abilities.

You must be 18 or older to volunteer at the shelter. And even if you can’t donate your time, monetary donations are always welcome.

You can contact the shelter at: (304) 290- 0161

Or by e-mail at:

Or pay them a visit at 252 Brewer Road, Morgantown, WV
Normal operation hours: Thu/Fri/Sat/ 12 noon – 4 pm

Onward, fellow animal lovers, onward!


10 thoughts on “Calling all animal fans!

  1. I’m seriously considering doing this. I love love love animals but my boyfriend (whom I live with) is severely allergic to cats, among other furry friends. Therefore, I don’t get my share of animal lovin’s! Great post, I didn’t know about this volunteering opportunity!

  2. I never heard of this shelter before, this is a great post! I seriously just wrote down their contact information so I can become a volunteer this summer when everything cals down a bit. I found it interesting though that you said they were a no-kill shelter. Before I read your post, I had no idea that other shelter…well did kill their animals. That’s really sad 😦 I thought to whole point about taking an animal to a shelter was to rescue it, not hope that the poor little guy eventually gets rescued, or will have to face thier fate. I also found it interesting that you mentioned that the shelter doesn’t accept animals from the public. Why is that? I’m assuming it’s because they would be entirely too busy and overwhelmed then. Especially considering all of the college kids around here who get pets for the school year and then don’t know what to do with them because they realize they can’t take them home.

    • I’m glad you’re interested in volunteering, because as soon as things calm down for me, I planned on doing the same thing.

      The difference between a shelter and a pound is most easily described like this: Pounds capture animals, shelters rescue. So pounds can get overwhelmed, and unwanted dogs are generally put to sleep if a rescue doesn’t get to them in time, or even if the dog has health issues that cost too much for the pound to cover.
      Shelters on the other hand, rescue their dogs from pounds, or take them from other rescues or non profits. If they accepted dogs from the public, they would EASILY become far too overwhelmed, like you said.

      Yeah the irresponsible college students kind of upset me. Those poor dogs are thrown back into a scary pound, all because someone didn’t think through the responsibility. It’s sad.

      Thanks for your comment, and I’m glad you’re interested in volunteering!

  3. Great post! This sounds like fun, me and my roommates wanted to get a dog from the animal shelter but they didn’t have a dog that enticed us (the only puppy we considered was a beagle that didn’t stop barking) and on top of that our landlord doesn’t allow pets (but they don’t need to know). I also figured that all animal shelters were no-kill, but apparently that’s not the case.

    • A lot of shelters aren’t. But fortunately, I believe the majority of the ones around here are. Don’t quote me on it though. 🙂

      Also, I have 2 beagles and I LOVE them. Best dogs ever. Except for the baying…that gets really old.

  4. Great read! Animal friends has always been one of the best shelters, I think. I remember visiting the one in Pittsburgh when I was little, but I had no idea there was one here! You should think about doing a blog post about people who hide animals from their landlords (prompted by the above comment). I’m hiding my cat, and it has been quite the experience, haha.

    Also, I liked that you targeted this post to those who volunteer – great idea!

  5. Love this idea.

    I’ve been wresting with a decision on whether or not to get a cat. I really, really want a kitten to keep me company in my apartment. Of course, said apartment is not animal-friendly, so I’m weighing the cute and snuggly factor of a kitten versus possible eviction.

    Volunteering is a great compromise! And what better way to get that warm and fuzzy feeling from volunteering?

  6. Hey, you and Keri are on the same path. No Kill shelters for the win! I really like how you organized this article. It is very orderly and easy to read, and breaking it up in this fashion avoids a tl;dr issue. Very well presented!

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